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Numerical analysis (presentation, 2002)
Article published on June 2002
last modification on 21 June 2007

Presentations of Joze Rakovec and Thomas Vrhovec during the ALATNET training course on Numerical Analysis in Kranjska Gora, 29-31 May 2002.

Contents (Joze Rakovec):
 Historical aspects
 Numerical schemes

Contents (Thomas Vrhovec):
 Grid point presentation of meteorological variables
 Spectral representation of meteorological variables
 Grid structure
 Boundary conditions
 Time integration
 Nonlinear advection equation
 Eulerian - Lagrangian - SemiLagrangian
 Implications of basic atmospheric equations

Numerical Analysis (J. Rakovec) 650.2 kb / GZ

Selected lectures on numerical analysis (T. Vrhovec) 217.2 kb / PostScript