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GMKPACK documentation or Getting started with gmkpack : environment to compile and make binaries
Article published on 18 June 2014

This document has been written in order to help people to use the procedure gmkpack with a manual and a tutorial. In June 2014, It is the version 6.6.0.

gmkpack is a procedure that has been written by GCO and Ryad El Khatib in order to create an environment to compile and make binaries from Arpege, Aladin, ODB, ... or others libraries.

The present procedure is composed of "home-made" scripts, written in Perl or Shell. It will find for you what should be compiled (or re-compiled), by checking the dependencies (due to the use of fortran modules), and by checking whether or not a source file is more recent than its corresponding object file. It will also provide for you all the necessary links to reach the source codes, object libraries, etc.