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The non parametrised continuous equations at finite scale in the case of a multiple system (2005)
Article published on 24 June 2005
last modification on 3 November 2005

This is a provisionnal version, working document : please send any comments to Sylvie Malardel, Jean-François Geleyn or Pierre Bénard (you can use the forum linked to this article).

In the paper, the authors (Sylvie Malardel, Jean-François Geleyn and Pierre Bénard) consider a multiphase system of n+1 componants. They study the content of an eulerian (geometric or fixed) volume V. At a given time t, the total mass of mixure contained in the volum V is m and the mass of the species t contained in the volume V is mt.

They also work at two different scales :
 the scale of the Navier-Stokes equation, the scale of the continuum : "local" scale
 a larger scale : the scale of the parametrisation in the physic part of the model or the scale represented by the troncated equations of a numerical model.

This paper gives only continuous formulation of the equations. The discretisation problem should be treated separately.

Continuous equations 262.1 kb / PDF