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Study of the VFE discretisation in view of NH modeling (2004)
Article published on 7 December 2004
last modification on 3 November 2005

This paper written be Pierre Bénard in December 2004 is a working document, which can serve as a starting basis for discussions between ECMWF and Météo-France about the extension of the current IFS Vertical Finite Elements (VFE) scheme to NH modelling.

The current VFE discretisation introduced in IFS by ECMWF for the HPE system is examined, in view of its extention to the NH system :
 detailed scientific description of IFS’s VFE discretisation
 some limitations and weakness in the current VFE discretisation
 possible avenues for the extension of the VFE scheme to NH modelling
 behaviour of the current VFE scheme and of the proposed avenues (accuracy, normal modes, ...).

Alternative strategies are also reviewed. When possible, the degree of chance of their success is discussed.

The present study is restricted to the behaviour of the purely linear system associated to the SI cheme.

VFE memo 409.4 kb / PDF