GUEMAS Virginie

Virginie GUEMAS

Head of the Climate Prediction Group
within the Earth Sciences Department
at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), Barcelona, Spain.
Ramon y Cajal fellow (Highly competitive grant : 2% success)


Visiting Scientist in the EAC team (Equipe ARPEGE Climat)
from the GMGEC group (Goupe de Météorologie de Grande Echelle et Climat)

Email :

Phone : +33 (0) 5 61 07 96 07 / +34 934 137 679


 Research interests

- Understanding sources of climate predictability at sub-seasonal to decadal timescales and attribution of climate events exploiting successful climate predictions
- Climate forecasting system development : initialization, ensemble generation and bias correction techniques as well as improvement of process representation through inclusion of new model parameterizations / components, parameter calibration and resolution increase
- Understanding sources of model errors, both systematic errors and case studies


- Co-coordinator of the ERA4CS MEDSCOPE project (2017-2019) on enhancing climate prediction capability with a focus on Western Europe.

- PI of the H2020-funded APPLICATE (2016-2020) project focusing on the linkages between the Arctic and mid-latitude regions.

- PI of the H2020-funded INTAROS (2016-2020) project focusing on documenting the Arctic climate.

- PI of the Copernicus C3S-MAGIC (2016-2019) project aiming at developing a web interface for an easy evaluation of CMIP-class models and their climate change projections

- PI of the FP7 EU-funded PREFACE (2013-2017) project focusing on improving the representation of climate processes in the Tropical Atlantic region.

- PI of the FP7 EU-funded EUCLEIA (2014-2017) project focusing on attribution of climate extreme events.

- PI of the ESA CMUG2 (2014-2017) project focusing on exploiting high-resolution high-quality satellite observations for initialization and verification of climate predictions.

- PI of the H2020 EU-funded IMPREX (2015-2019) project focusing on forecasting and attributing hydro-meteorological extremes.

- PI of the national HIATUS (2016-2018) project aiming at understanding the mechanisms behind periods of reduced warming or cooling under climate change.

- PRIMAVERA : I am co-WP2 leader of the
H2020 PRIMAVERA (PRocess-based climate sIMulations : AdVances in high resolution modelling and European climate Risk Assessment) project.

- I am also involved in the FP7-funded SPECS and EUPORIAS and the Copernicus QA4Seas projects

- I was PI of the national PICA-ICE (2013-2015) project focusing on improving seasonal predictions of the Arctic sea ice conditions and their impact on the Northern mid-latitudes.

  Student Supervision

Ruben Cruz, PhD student, October 2015 - present : Regional Arctic sea ice predictability and prediction on seasonal to interannual timescales.

Aude Carreric, PhD student, October 2015 - present : La diversité d’ENSO dans le changement climatique. Co-supervision

Danila Volpi, PhD Student, January 2011 - March 2015 : Benefits and drawbacks of different initialization techniques in global dynamical climate predictions. Co-supervision

  Peer-reviewed Publications

[46] Bellprat O, Massonnet F, Siegert S, Prodhomme C, Guemas V. Doblas-Reyes F, Uncertainty propagation in observational references to climate model scales, Remonte Sensing of Environment, in press.

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[44] Volpi D, Guemas V, Doblas-Reyes F, 2017, Comparison of full field and anomaly initialisation for decadal climate prediction : towards an optimal consistency between the ocean and sea-ice anomaly initialisation state. Climate Dynamics, doi:10.1007/s00382-016-3373-3.

[43] Massonnet F, Bellprat O, Guemas V, Doblas-Reyes F, 2017, Using climate models to estimate the quality of global observational data sets. Sciences, doi : 10.1126/science.aaf6369.

[42] Prodhomme C, Batte L, Massonnet F, Guemas V, Davini P, Doblas-Reyes F, 2017, Benefits of increasing the model resolution for the seasonal forecast quality in EC-Earth. Journal of Climate, doi/10.1175/JCLI-D-16-0117.1.

[41] Volpi D, Guemas V, Doblas-Reyes F, Hawkins E, Nichols N, 2017, Decadal climate prediction with a refined anomaly initialisation approach. Climate Dynamics, 48 (5), 1841–1853, doi:10.1007/s00382-016-3176-6.

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  Teaching experience

- 2006-2009 : Mechanics and Thermodynamics lessons to BSc 1st year, ENM (Ecole Nationale de la Météorologie, Météo-France)

- 2006-2009 : Statistics lessons to BSc 1st year, ENM (Ecole Nationale de la Météorologie, Météo-France)

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