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Françoise GUICHARD

CNRM (UMR 3589 CNRS & Météo-France)


Groupe de Météorologie à Moyenne Echelle

MOdélisation de l’Atmosphère Nuageuse et Analyse

42, Av. G. Coriolis

31057 Toulouse Cedex 1, France

Tél. +33 (0) 5 61 07 90 14

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courriel : francoise (dot) guichard (at) meteo (dot) fr

  Thèmes de recherche



  • diurnal cycle over land
  • land-atmosphere interactions and feedbacks
  • modelling of mesoscale convective phenomena at kilometric resolution (cloud resolving model), and finer (large eddy simulations)
  • boundary layer
  • convection and clouds


  • surface energy budget in semi-arid conditions : annual, diurnal cycles and radiative-thermodynamic couplings
  • Convection over land in semi-arid conditions
  • soil moisture-convection feedbacks in the Sahel
  • studies focused on the Agoufou Gourma site in Mali
  • water and energy cycle
  • Modelling over West Africa

  Projets (non exhaustif)

  • ACASIS (Alerte aux Canicules Au Sahel et à leurs Impacts sur la Santé, Sahelian heat waves and their health impacts warning) [ANR]
  • AMMA-2050 [DFID-NERC Future Climates for Africa regional project]
  • CAVIARS (Climate, Agriculture and Vegetation : Impacts on Aeolian ERosion in the Sahel) [ANR]
  • ESCAPE (Environmental and Social Changes in Africa : Past, present and future) [ANR]



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Other Documents



  • Fleur Couvreux (2002-2005, CNRM) : Spatial and temporal variability of water vapour in the atmospheric convective boundary layer (UPS, Toulouse)
  • Amanda Gounou (2007-2010, CNRM, main supervisor, co-direction with F. Couvreux) : The driving processes behind the diurnal cycles of the West African monsoon (UPS, Toulouse)
  • Jessica Barbier (2014-2017, CNRM, main supervisor, co-direction with R. Roehrig, F. Couvreux and D. Bouniol) : Sahelian Heat waves (INPT, Toulouse)
  • Elsa Bourgeois (2014-2017, CNRM, co-direction with main supervisor D. Bouniol and F. Couvreux) : Mid-level clouds in West Africa (INPT, Toulouse)
  • Sidiki Sanogo (2018-now, CNRM, co-direction with main supervisor P. Peyrillé and R. Roehrig) : Sahelian extreme precipitation events (INPT, Toulouse)
  • Magatte Sow (2018-now, LPAO-SF and CNRM, co-direction with main M. Diakhate and Amadou T. Gaye) : Dry spells in Western Sahel (UCAD, Dakar, Sénégal)

and also outside CNRM

  • Rémi Meynadier (2007-2010, IPSL/LATMOS, co-direction, main supervisor O. Bock) : Analyse multi-échelle du cycle de l’eau dans la mousson africaine à l’aide d’observations GPS (UPMC, Paris 6)


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  • Catherine Rio (2008-2009, 12 months, CNRM, main supervisor, co-direction with F. Couvreux) : Daytime deep convection over semi-arid land : analysis of the mechanisms involved with LES simulations (CNRS Postdoc)
  • Amanda Gounou (2011-2012, 18 months, CNRM) : Réchauffement multidécennal en Afrique de l’ouest (ANR ESCAPE)
  • Olivier Geoffroy (2012-2013, 12 months, CNRM, co-direction with D. Bouniol) : Physically-based estimation of cloud-radiative impact over West Africa (EUCLIPSE EU project)
  • Yann Largeron (2013-2015, 18 months, CNRM, main supervisor, co-direction with D. Bouniol and F. Couvreux) : Gust winds for dust emission in the Sahel (ANR CAVIARS)
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  • Nicolas Rochetin (2014-2015, 18 months, CNRM, co-direction with main supervisor F. Couvreux) : High-resolution simulation of the Impact of land surface heterogeneities on convective initiation (EMBRACE EU project)
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  • Kiswendsida Hyacinthe Guigma (2019, 2 months, CNRM) : PhD student at Univ. Sussex, UK with M. Todd
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  Thèmes de recherche (details)





  • ACASIS (Alerte aux Canicules Au Sahel et à leurs Impacts sur la Santé, Sahelian heat waves and their health impacts warning) [ANR]
  • AMMA-2050 [DFID-NERC Future Climates for Africa regional project]
  • CAVIARS (Climate, Agriculture and Vegetation : Impacts on Aeolian ERosion in the Sahel) [ANR]
  • ESCAPE (Environmental and Social Changes in Africa : Past, present and future) [ANR]

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