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- Groupe de Modélisation Grande Échelle et Climat (GMGEC)
- Équipe Analyse et Modélisation de l’Atmosphère, du Climat et de sa Sensibilité (AMACS)

E-mail : david [dot] saint-martin [at] meteo [dot] fr
Postal address : CNRM/GMGEC/AMACS - 42, Av. Gaspard Coriolis - 31057 Toulouse Cedex, FRANCE
Phone number : +33 (0)5 61 07 96 93
Last update : sep 28, 2020

 Research Interests

  • Climate modelling.
  • Climate sensitivity and feedbacks.
  • Middle atmosphere dynamics.


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In progress


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- D. Poitou (2012-2013, CORAC/RTAE TC2) : Parameterization of contrails in the GCM ARPEGE-Climat.
- P. Hamer (2013-2015, CORAC/RTAE IMPACT) : Introduction of tropospheric chemistry in the GCM ARPEGE-Climat.
- O. Geoffroy (2014-2014, ANR MORDICUS) : Aerosol forcing and decadal climate variability.
- L. Watson (2014-2016, ANR MORDICUS) : Aerosol forcing and decadal climate variability.


- G. Ouzeau (2009-2012) : Stratospheric infleunec on climate variability and predictability in the winter Northern hemisphere (with H. Douville).
- B. Balogh (2019-....) : Statistical learning and physics parameterizations (with A. Ribes).

Master 2

- R. Bergougnoux (2012) : Interactive aerosols in the CNRM climate model, CNRM-CM (with M. Michou).

Master 1

- J. Fantin (2013) : Stratospheric internal variability.
- L. Hammoud (2014) : Stratospheric equatorial waves.

 PhD Thesis


The importance of the role played by the middle atmosphere in forcing other parts of the climate system is now generally recognized. A major reason is the central role of stratospheric ozone as a climate gas and the resulting issues of ozone depletion on the atmospheric circulation. There is also evidence that the stratosphere substantially affects the tropospheric variability through dynamical processes. This PhD aims to investigate this influence through improving middle atmosphere modelling in the general circulation model, ARPEGE-Climat.

By using a set of idealized ensemble experiments, we first study the sensitivity of the northern hemispheric winter climate to the equatorial stratosphere circulation. The comparison between perturbed and control experiments reveals a significant influence on the extratropical stratospheric variability through an improved propagation of the planetary waves.

We then describe results from a simulation in which a spectral parameterization for small-scale non-orographic gravity waves is introduced into the general circulation model, ARPEGE-Climat. They show a realistic horizontal distribution of momentum flux in the stratosphere, an improved representation of the zonal-mean circulation and temperature structure and a better simulation of the equatorial stratospheric variability.

We finally present a description and evaluation of the chemistry-climate model, CNRM-CCM, which interactively combines the general circulation model ARPEGE-Climat with the stratospheric chemistry scheme REPROBUS. This new model appears as an appropriate tool to study chemistry-climate interactions. The introduction of a fully coupled chemistry improves the model dynamical climatology, with a substantial reduction of the temperature biases in the tropical stratopause region and a better representation of the winter polar vortices.


Middle atmosphere - Dynamics - Chemistry - Climate - Modelling - Parameterization - Gravity waves - Quasi-Biennial Oscillation - Ozone

- PhD thesis (pdf, 18 Mo)
- PhD thesis oral (pdf, 2.7 Mo)

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