CARRER Dominique

Staff Researcher at CNRM (UMR3589 / Météo-France / CNRS / Université de Toulouse)

Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques ( since 2004 )
42, avenue Coriolis, 31057 Toulouse Cedex 1, France

Phone: +33561079477

email: dominique.carrer (at)

Office #235 : Navier building (CNRM)

Scientific interests

I received the Engineer degree from the ENM school of Toulouse (France) and the Ph.D. degree from UMPC university of Paris (France). I joined the CNRM/GAME lab (Météo France/CNRS), in 2005.

My major research interests are related to:

- land modelling (energy, water, and carbon fluxes at surface level);

- and remote sensing of surface and atmospheric parameters (including land surface albedo, BRDF, down-welling shortwave surface radiation flux, and aerosols).

My recent works concern the improvement of the carbon cycle in climate models, the estimation of surface albedo and atmospheric aerosol by satellite, the study of albedo-induced changes to fight against global warming, the effect of climate on vegetation cycle and properties, etc. I have also a good scientific expertise in radiative transfer modelling (both in the atmosphere and at surface within the canopy).


I am/was involved as researcher scientist in several French and European projects: ANR (ORACLE, MASC, REMEMBER), FP7 (COPERNICUS Global Land Service, CORE-CLIMAX, EartH2Observe).

I am also the project manager for Météo France of 5-6 projects (French and European). The main objective of these projects is to manage to monitor the changes of vegetation properties due to drought or climate changes by using satellite data.

Hereafter, the list of current projects in which I am involved.

Topic: Analysis of the impact of climate change on land surfaces (especially ago-ecosystems and forests).

Project Name / Leading Institute


Total Budget (approx.)

My activity / Consortium


Univ. of Liège(Belgique)

Analysis of the climate mitigation of the land cover changes over Belgium ( 2014-2016.


Researcher (post-doc supervision) / Univ. of Liège, RMI, Univ. of Namur Univ. of Antwerp, University of Ghent


IPSL – Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement

Analysis of the climate change benefits and risks for the agro-ecosystems and forests: Socio-economical and political impacts in France. ( 2011-2016.


Researcher (post-doc supervision) / CERFACS, UREP –INRA-UR874, UMR 211 INRA, AgroParisTech, AGROCLIM, EPHYSE, INRA-UHP 1137, UMR éco. publique, LEF



Météo France CNRM

Analysis of mitigation strategies in order to fight against climate change in the cities. 2017-2020.


Researcher / IGN, CNRS (Lab-Sticc + CNRM), RMI, KNMI, FMI, Meteo-Ro

Topic: Satellite remote sensing to monitor the changes of essential climate variables characterising the Earth (vegetation, surface, and atmosphere).

Project Name / Leading Institut


Total Budget (approx.)

My activity / Consortium

Remote sensing of the aerosols in the atmosphere



Remote sensing of aerosols in the atmosphere (AERUS-GEO product,

(2 Phases)


5.5 pm of IT developer (from Icare/AERIS)

(Phase 1 accepted and in progress)

Projet Manager/ ICARE-AERIS


Univ. de Bourgone

Development of atmospheric index for health risks of respiratory infection. 2016-2018.

(2 Phases)



(Phase 1 accepted and closed)

Local Project Manager / UMR5560, 5290, 8518, 6282, 5561, Fac. de Médecine (Dakar), Univ. of Liège, Dpt épid. biostat.

Activité fédérative avec EUMETSAT

Météo France CNRM

Remote sensing of aerosols in the atmosphere (AERUS-GEO product,

(instantaneous AOD from MSG and first adaptation to MTG)


160k€ (tbc)


Project Manager/ EUMETSAT

Monitoring of surface properties (albedo, incoming solar radiation)





Flemish Inst. for Technological Research

Retrieval of essential climatic variables to characterize the surface by using satellite observations between 1981 and 2006. 2016-2017.



(Phase 1 accepted and in progress)



(Phase 2 accepted and will start in April 2018)

Local Project Manager/ VITO, DLR, CREAF, HYGEOS,  EOLAB

Local Project Manager VITO, EOLAB, HYGEOS, FastOpt, B Consult, Univ. Louvaine.


Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera

NRT retrieval of radiative variables to characterize the surface by using satellite observations ( 2017-2022.


(Accepted and in progress)

Local Project Manager / IPMA, RMI, KCL, IDL, KIT, UV, VITO, ARSO, NIMH


Flemish Inst. for Technological Research

Same objective than C3S/312_a project with the use of recent instruments in order to ensure NRT continuity of the monitoring. ( 2018-2019.

Analysis on feedback from operations as support to Proba-V data. (2017-2018)




(Accepted and in progress)

Local project Manager/ HYGEOS, IPMA, ZAMG, EOLAB, CREAF, U. Leicester, EODC, IIASA, U. Wageningen, YU Wien, RMI, VITO


- PhD Student Supervision -

. Hélène Dewaele - Intégration de données satellitaires dans SURFEX pour le suivi de la végétation à l'échelle mondiale (2014-2017). (Co-supervision with JC. Calvet)

. Carole Planque - Observation satellitaire et modélisation de l’albédo de la forêt sur le territoire français métropolitain : dynamique temporelles et impacts radiatifs (2014-2017). (Co-supervision with JL. Roujean 2014-2017, and JC. Calvet in 2018)

. Matthias Rocher - Évaluation de pratiques agricoles comme levier d’action contre le changement climatique (et interactions avec l'économie de l'environnement) (2016-2019). (Co-supervision with R. Séférian and P. Dumas)

- Post-doc and Staff Supervision -

Around 6 persons (researcher and engineer) that are involved in remote sensing activities in the Lab.


Xavier Ceamanos - Researcher / Developer of Incoming Solar Product and Aerosol product (staff)

Gabriel Lellouch - Researcher / Technical Support (Albedo, BRDF)

Suman Moparthy - Validation Project Lead / Developer of Incoming Solar Product and Aerosol product

Catherine Meurey - Technical Support / Validation Expert (staff)

Florian Pinault - Technical Project Lead (Albedo, BRDF, Sensor Harmonization)

Chloé Vincent - Reviewer of Technical Documentation / Technical Support (Albedo, BRDF, Incoming Solar Product)


Also co-supervision of technical teams in charge of operational systems in VITO, IPMA, AERIS.


. Co-PI of field campaigns (ParisFog [2006], Ahspect [2015, 2016]).

. Teacher at ENM engineer school in Toulouse (around 35 students).


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School reports

. D. Carrer, 2003 : “Etude d’un système de prévision numérique locale des faibles visibilités sur Roissy”, note ENM n° 860

. D. Carrer, 2001 : “Etude de faisabilité du pilotage de ballons stratosphériques en vue d’un ciblage des sondages atmosphériques”, note de DEA Océan, Atmosphère, Environnement (Toulouse)

Conferences and Workshops (selected examples)

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