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From individual scripts to the operational suite (presentation, 2002)
Article published on November 2002
last modification on 21 June 2007

Presentation of Martin Janousek during the ALADIN maintenance and phasing training course in Budapest on Nov 25-29, 2002.

Contents of the presentation "From individual scripts to the operational suite, its management, supervision and maintenance,monitoring" :
 Requirements on NWP operations
 the suite elements
 Model executable
 Modifications of the model code
 Model validation
 Auxilary files
 From a a simple script to a suite task
 Input files download
 Building a suite
 organization of supercomputer operations
 Universal machine or specialized boxes ?
 Work out a suite structure : AOS
 Serial or parallel suites ?
 Synchronization of tasks
 Tag synchronization suites
 SMS-based suites
 Suite cycling
 Transient files sharing
 Dissemination of products
 Suite operations
 Aladin/LACE operational suite
 Production reliability
 Suite changes
 Suite balance
 Monitoring tools, Xcdp, practices
 Operator supervision
 Hotline support

Towards operational suite 218.8 kb / GZ