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Tools for BUFR files, Oulan, (BDMO) Data extract

Friday 7 July 2017 by Frank Guillaume

Here are some usefull tools to deal with BUFR files. You may use them ’out of the box’ on your GMAP’s workstation.

1/ SpliBufr : This tool can be used to split concatened BUFR files in single muti-subset ones, or to split multi-subset BUFR files in single subset BUFR files.
2/ DecodBufr : tool to decode whole or partial bufr files.

3/ Oulan : binary and source files, and makefile (for SOPRANO system).
4/ BdmToFile : a set of tools to extract BUFR/NETCDF/HDF5 data from BDMO (for SOPRANO system).

titre documents joints

BdmToFile (extraction tools for BDMO)

27 September 2016
info document : GZ
379.4 kb


27 September 2016
info document : TGZ
271.6 kb

from CY42_OP1

DecodBufr V 1.03

7 June 2016
info document : Tar
5.5 Mb

Tool to decode BUFR files v 1.03

SplitBufr V 1.1

31 May 2016
info document : Tar
5.5 Mb

Tool to split BUFR files v 1.1

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