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Assimilation of radar data in AROME (presentation, March 2008)
Article published on 31 March 2008

by Patricia

Presentation of Eric Wattrelot during the 2nd AROME training course, Lisbon, 4-7 March 2008 : "Assimilation of radar data in the
AROME model AROME model at at Météo Météo-France France" by Eric Wattrelot, Olivier Caumont, Thibaut Montmerle, Claudia Faccani, Marian Jurasek and Günther Haase.


  • Context and Introduction.
  • Basic theory of the two measurements: radial wind and reflectivity
  • Sources of measurement errors: need for pre-processing radar data.
  • The specific radar product for AROME
  • Towards the assimilation of radial winds: observation operator, quality control and thinning
  • Towards the assimilation of reflectivities: observation operator, specific methodology for reflectivities, quality control, and thinning
  • Assimilation status for reflectivities: results through case studies.
  • Assimilation status for radial winds : results and impact on short forecasts through case studies.
  • Conclusions and perspectives