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The HARMONIE System (Presentation, March 2008)

Monday 31 March 2008 by Patricia

Presentation of Sami Niemelä during the 2nd AROME training course, Lisbon, 4-7 March 2008 : "Experiences on AROME at HIRLAM institutes –
the HARMONIE system" by Sami Niemelä, Ulf Andrae, Lisa Bengtsson and Sander Tijm.

  • What is HARMONIE and the HARMONIE system?
    • During 2004 and 2005 HIRLAM and ALADIN consortia decided to
      deepen already existing cooperation in NWP. One of the main goals
      of the new cooperation is to develop a km scale
      operational NWP
    • HARMONIE :
      Hirlam Aladin Regional/Mesoscale
      Operational NWP In Europe
  • Recent developments within HARMONIE.
  • Near future plans
      • SURFEX developments (inclusion of forest tile).
      • Inclusion of Lake scheme in SURFEX.
      • Development of EDMF
      • Impact of boundaries and initial conditions on AROME.
      • Impact of deep convection parameterization on resolved deep convection.
      • Radiation scheme intercomparison and optimization.
    • DATA ASSIMILATION (according to work plan)
      • Construction and testing of a common 3DVAR
        system based on ALADIN.
      • Setup of a mesoscale surface DAsystem
        (soil, water surface, snow etc.).
      • Remote sensing data: radar reflectivity/winds, GPS, satellite data.

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31 March 2008
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