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NEC User’s Guide : introduction to NEC “tori” machine at Météo-France (April 2007)

Tuesday 3 April 2007 by Patricia

This NEC users guide was written by Marion Pithon (French version, 19/02/2007) and translated into English (by Jean Maziejewski, March 2007).
This guide is only available for authorised users (a user/password is needed to acceed to the guides from outside Météo-France).

Main points of this users guide :

  • Presentation of the computer’s architecture.
    • Acces point open to users
    • Disk configuration
    • Allocation of file system on IMPE
  • Services
    • Interactive
    • Accounts : Login, $HOME structure, Passwords
    • Batch : Tasks submission, Queue structure
    • File transfer software to storage mainframe
    • HOMEDIR Back up
    • Application environment :The FORTRAN Compiler, Main differences with the VPP, Available libraries, Environnement variables
    • Accounting utilities, Documentation

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