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Variational diagnotic analysis (2006)
Article published on 9 March 2006
last modification on 18 April 2006

by Ludovic Auger

A variational diagnostic analysis tool has been developed for diagnostic purposes. This tool will be the successor of "diagpack" for nowcasting issues.
It is inspired by the concept of diagnostic analysis which has been the central concept for the development of diagpack.
From the technical point of view, it is based on the ALADIN 3dvar analysis that enables to have a complete analysis of both altitude and screen-level fields.
Moreover, flowing the ALADIN 3dvar logic is a major advantage in term of code maintenance and also because of the possibility to use every kind of observation available for LAM models.

During next weeks, varpack will enter a phase of subjective testing with an analysis performed every 3 hours.
The analysis should be evaluated by forecasters.