Draft of the schedule for the building of SURFEX V8

NEW_PREP is the starting point of SURFEX V8.

  • January 2014: Bertrand merges and tests CNRM_CM6_DEV (+ ECUME).
  • February 2014: Bertrand merges MEB_DEV2 and begins to test it
  • March 2014: Bertrand, Aaron, Eric Brun, Stéphane Sénési, Christine Delire, Roland Séférian, Patrick Le Moigne test NEW_PREP+CNRM_CM6_DEV (+ ECUME) +MEB_DEV2

// NB: the 3 following contributions were already merged with NEW_PREP and included in AROME CY40t1. To be seen if the resulting common version couldn’t be taken as basis for SURFEX V8. The question of tests remains to be solved. //

  • 1-10 July 2014: Alina Barbu merges ans tests VARASSIM
  • 11-20 July 2014: Rafiq Hamdi merges and tests ALADIN modifications // could be included in another contribution because concerns only 3 files - to be seen with Rafiq //
    contribution included in branch NEW_PREP December,6th 2013.