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The 4th ASW will be held as an hybrid meeting from 15 to 19 April 2024. SMHI is checking the possibility to host the ASW4 in their premises in Norrköping and will confirm as soon as (...)
Article published on 17 April 2023
Resources The ACCORD MoU-1 (article 7: resources) describes two categories of resources provided by Members: membership fees and human resources provided in-kind by Members. These resources are (...)
Article published on 11 April 2023
On 4-5 May 2023, the Management Group visited the Tunisian NMS in the context of an ACCORD/MG visit to a Member Institute. The visit was prepared by the PM, the CSS and the Tunisian LTM Haythem (...)
Article published on 5 April 2023
Photos during the 3rd ACCORD ASW CLANCY Colm Ludovic Auger Rafiq Hamdi LEBEAUPIN-BROSSIER Cindy BELLUŠ Martin DALY Conor ÜNAL Zeynep Feriha R. Roger STEIN Joel (...)
Article published on 29 March 2023
The Programme Manager (PM) is the highest executive officer of the management structure of the Consortium (ACCORD MoU, item 99). See the article dedicated to the PM selection. The Project team is (...)
Article published on 20 February 2023