ACCORD kick-off Assembly, 27 November 2020
Article published on 17 December 2020
last modification on 27 October 2022

by pottier

The signature of the ACCORD MoU and the kick-off Assembly of the new consortium ACCORD were initially planed as events in Toulouse, after the EUMETNET and ECOMET Councils. All these meetings were transformed into video-conferences.
Thus, ACCORD birth was celebrated on-line though the sharing of this nice video.

Kick-off Assembly of the ALH Consortium

Minutes approved by email consultation

  1. Opening of the 1st Consortium Assembly
  2. Governance issues
    1. Election of the Assembly chair and vice-chair
    2. Nomination of STAC and PAC representatives and chair persons
    3. Nomination of Local Team Managers by Members
    4. Roadmap & progress on MG recruitment
    5. Approval of 2021 budget & financial contracts
  3. Plans
    1. Approval of the 2021 Rolling Work Plan: (approved RWP2021)
    2. Progress and plans at Météo-France
    3. Progress and plans at ECMWF
  4. Date and place of the next Assembly meetings
  5. A.O.B
  6. Closing

Video of the end of the ALADIN-HIRLAM last Assembly by Piet Termonia

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Minutes kick-off Assembly 1.3 MiB / PDF