6.2.2. Namelist NAM_SURF_SLT

Fortran name Fortran type values default value
CEMISPARAM_SLT string of 5 characters 'Vig01','Sch04' 'Vig01''

  • "CEMISPARAM_SLT" : One-line sea salt emission parameterization type. This namelist gives the distribution of emitted sea salt of SURFEX. For Each paramterization type, a geometric standard deviation and a median radius is given. See the code init_sltn.f90 (MesoNH) or init_sltn.mnh (AROME, ALADIN) for values associated to these parameterizations. Note that if the defaut value is change, it is necessary to uses the same modes in the sea initialisation in the atmospheric model. It concerns the value of XINIRADIUS_SLT (initial radius), XINISIG_SLT (standard deviation) and CRGUNITS (mean radius definition) to have the same aerosol size distribution emitted and in the atmosphere. It is possible to do it directly in the fortran code (modd_salt.mnh in case of aladin/arome, modd_salt.f90 for MesoNH) or for MesoNH only, change the values of these variables in NAM_AERO_CONF (prep_real_case or prep_ideal_case).