SURFEX Users Workshop :

The first SURFEX Users Workshop organized by Meteo-France will be in Toulouse, France. The SUW2017 will take place at the Meteopole Centre International de Conferences (CIC) from Monday 27th February 2017 2pm to Wednesday 1st March 1pm.

The main objective of the SUW2017 workshop is to give the users the opportunity to present their activities related to SURFEX, and to facilitate communication and set up the groundwork for future collaborative efforts.

1. Introduction to SURFEX. Patrick Le Moigne
2. Reconsidering the role of soil moisture in summer predictability over Europe. Constantin Ardilouze
3. HIRLAM NWP activities connected to use and development of SURFEX. Patrick Samuelsson
4. On the use of SURFEX as a new land surface scheme for the limited area NWP model ALARO. Rafiq Hamdi
5. Regional Snow Modeling in Norway with SURFEX/Crocus. Hanneke Luijting
6. Snowpack modeling in the French mountains driven by short-range high resolution weather forecasts. Vincent Vionnet
7. Numerical Simulations of snow on ski slopes using SURFEX/ISBA-Crocus-RESORT. Deborah Verfaillie
8. From D95 to Explicit snow scheme - experiences from offline and plans for NWP. Mariken Homleid and Trygve Aspelien
9. Uncertainties in simulated evapotranspiration from SURFEX/ISBA-A-gs over a 15-year Mediterranean crop succesion. Sebastien Garrigues
10. An overview of the new Multi-Energy-Balance ISBA option in SURFEX. Aaron Boone
11. Simulating the carbon, water, energy budgets and greenhouse gas emissions of arctic soils with ISBA land surface model. Xavier Morel
12 The updated land carbon cycle in SURFEXv8. Christine Delire
13 New developments on the radiative scheme, energetic balance and air flow in TEB canyon with trees. Emilie Redon
14 Using SURFEX to investigate urban climate in Hungarian cities. Gabriella Zsebehazi
15 Evaluation of the simulated spatio-temporal variability of the anthropogenic heat flux in the agglomeration of Toulouse, France. Robert Schoetter
16 Improvement of the hydrological component of the urban hydro-microclimate model TEB-hydro. Xenia Laffaille
17 Details around lake model FLake in SURFEX and HARMONIE. Ekaterina Kurzeneva
18 On the use of FLake in SURFEX coupled to Meso_NH. Rui Salgado
19 SICE: simple sea ice scheme. Possibilities and limitations. Yurii Batrak
20 Coupling NEMO to AROME via the SURFEX-OASIS interface: Development and application to the HyMex SOPs in the Western Mediterranean region. Cindy Lebeaupin-Brossier
21 Using SURFEX for flash flood forecasting within HYMEX program. Beatrice Vincendon
22 Operational hydro-meteorological monitoring and forecasts over France using the SAFRAN-SURFEX-MODCOU model chain. Francois Besson
23 Setup and first evaluation of the coupled hydro-meteorological MESCAN-SURFEX-CTRIP modelling system over Europe. Camille Szczypta
24 Implementation of water table dynamics in SURFEX based on explicit diffusion equations. Juan Carlos Sanchez Perrino
25 Simulating aquifers and floodplains in a global climate model: evaluation and impact. Jeanne Colin
26 Development of hydro-meteorological reconstructions over France with the ISBA-MODCOU model. Remy Bonnet
27 ECOCLIMAP - second Generation. Stephanie Faroux
28 Urban Database in High-density Cities and its role in Numerical Modelling. Kevin Lau
29 Towards a satellite driven land surface model using SURFEX modelling platform Offline Data Assimilation: an assesment of the method over Europe and the Mediterranean basin. Clement Albergel
30 Disaggregation of satellite-derived Leaf Area Index per vegetation type and assimilation into the SURFEX platform. Simon Munier
31 Integration of satellite data into SURFEX for better monitoring agricultural droughts. Jean-Christophe Calvet
32 Influence of Multi-Temporal High Resolution Remote Sensing Products on Simulated Hydro-meteorological Variables in the south-west of France. Jordi Etchanchu
33 Comparing SURFEX photosynthesis simulations to remotely sensed fluorescence observations at European scale. Delphine Leroux

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