4.1.7. Namelist NAM_MEB_ISBA

This new namelist allow to activate MEB

MEB (Multi Energy Balance) scheme is now available but this is a "beta version". Attention, only forest patches are validated. So if you used 12 land patches, MEB must be only activated over tiles 4, 5 and/or 6. Other limitation : for instance, MEB can not be use with all Ad-s options (AST, NIT, CC).

A short Tutorial on Using the option ISBA-MEB for SURFEX-V8

Fortran name fortran type values default value
LMEB_PATCH logical(19)   F
LMEB_LITTER logical   F
LMEB_GNDRES logical   F

  • LMEB_PATCH : vector that activates MEB over selected patches. For example if you use 12 patches: LMEB_PATCH = F,F,F,T,T,T,F,F,F,F,F,F (= only forest patches).
  • LFORC_MEASURE : if T, forcing data from observations.
  • LMEB_LITTER : Activates litter
  • LMEB_GNDRES : Activates ground resistance