4.1.4. Namelist NAM_DATA_SEAFLUX

Treats SST as a forcing variable. For that purpose, several SST files at a given time are required and namelist NAM_DATA_SEAFLUX should be filled.

If this namelist is not given, the SST is initialized at the PREP step and remains constant during the run.

Fortran name Fortran type values default description unit
LSST_DATA logical none flag to activate this option (-)
NTIME_SST integer 12 12 number of SST data (-)
CFNAM_SST character (LEN=28) ' '
CFTYP_SST character (LEN=6) 'DIRECT', 'BINLLF', 'BINLLV', 'ASCLLV' none
NYEAR_SST integer
NMONTH_SST integer
NDAY_SST integer

  • LSST_DATA : flag to initialize SST from a climatology
  • NTIME_SST : number of SST input files
  • CFNAM_SST: SST data file name
  • CFTYP_SST: type of SST data file ('DIRECT', 'BINLLF', 'BINLLV', 'ASCLLV')
  • NYEAR_SST: year of SST data file
  • NMONTH_SST: month of SST data file
  • NDAY_SST: day of SST data file
  • XTIME_SST: time in seconds of SST data file

How to initialise SST from external files: an example with 3 SST input files (lat, lon, value type).

     NTIME_SST = 3 , LSST_DATA = T ,
     CFNAM_SST(1) = 'sst_1.dat', CFTYP_SST(1) = 'ASCLLV',
     CFNAM_SST(2) = 'sst_2.dat', CFTYP_SST(2) = 'ASCLLV',
     CFNAM_SST(3) = 'sst_3.dat', CFTYP_SST(3) = 'ASCLLV',
     NYEAR_SST(1)=1985, NMONTH_SST(1)=12, NDAY_SST(1)=31, XTIME_SST(1)=64800.,
     NYEAR_SST(2)=1986, NMONTH_SST(2)=1, NDAY_SST(2)=1, XTIME_SST(2)=43200.,
     NYEAR_SST(3)=1986, NMONTH_SST(3)=1, NDAY_SST(3)=2, XTIME_SST(3)=0.
  • XUNIF_xxx : uniform prescribed value of parameter xxx. If XUNIF_xxx is set, file CFNAM_xxx is not used.
  • CFNAM_xxx: data file name associated to parameter xxx. If XUNIF_xxx is set, file CFNAM_xxx is not used.
  • CFTYP_xxx: type of sea data file ('DIRECT', 'BINLLF', 'BINLLV', 'ASCLLV')