General SODA EKF options. Note that LBEV and LBFIXED are exclusive, and could a priori be reduced to one single logical.

Fortran name Fortran type values default value
LSIM logical F
LPRT logical F
LBEV logical T
LBFIXED logical F

  • LSIM : if T, write the simulated observations and the evolved state vector, else perform analysis. Not needed any more. To be removed.
  • LPRT : if T, TG1/2 and WG1/2 can be perturbed at reading of the input PREP file, using the pertubation coefficient TPRT (cf NAM_VAR). Should be true for the perturbed offline runs.
  • LBEV : if T, B will be evolved in time.
  • LBFIXED : if LBEV is F, LBFIXED must be T (it’s the alternative, B fixed in time).