9. Ending remarks and prospects

1). The parallel tests performed by the base use all resources for a classic 4 processors PC.

=> Consequently, seeing added execution times, in case of a will to run the test base not during a week-end (nor during an interval of time longer than 2 days when the PC isn’t used), it’s advised to divide script_all.sh into 3 parts :

  • script_all1.sh : calls from script_pgd_grid.sh to script_flake.sh
  • script_all2.sh : script_isba.sh
  • script_all3.sh : from script_teb.sh to script_cas_parts.sh

Then you can launch them during night, one by one along 3 consecutive days.

2). The script that compares SURFEX outputs for old and new versions of the code and writes output comparison files is coded in PYTHON. It is written by S. Dasprez.

3). The base was also tested and validated on Beaufix (Bull ifort architecture).