1. Introduction

The base of automatic tests was designed to run with version 7_3 of SURFEX, last trunk (revision 1443 today). During the development of the base, numerous bugs were found inside trunk and some modifications of the code were needed to be able to run certain test cases.

So much adaptations were needed that finally, we created a new branch, trunk_for_test, that is similar to the trunk but with added little developments, not essential for the trunk, but very useful for tests.

So, for the first use of the base, developers need to update their own branch, at least with the trunk of version 7_3, still better with the branch trunk_for_test. If they do not, they will probably meet too much errors and will not be able to run the base correctly.

For further uses of the base of tests, these modifications will be included in the last official version and it will be simpler for a developer to compare its own branch with the official version it’s based on.