Current bugs: 7_2_1

  • revisions 734 & 735: XW33 is removed + important correction in extrapol_fields.F90 (B. Decharme)
  • revision 794: Correction to re-initialize ANDAY and ANFM diagnostics each day: vegetation_evol.F90 (S. Lafont)
  • revision 804: modification of the regression for W33 with CO84 for high values of clay: mode_soil.F90 (B. Decharme)
  • revision 805: default value for NTIME in case init_isba_mixpar is used: read_pgd_isba_parn.F90 (B. Decharme)
  • revision 810 : fields names for CSELECT were limited to 12 characters whereas some of them have until 16 characters. It prevented them to be written: modd_diag_surf_atmn.F90, modn_surf_atmn.F90, default_diag_surf_atm.F90 (D. Carrer)
  • revision 834 : if tests on HPHOTO, the option NCB is added with NIT, LST and AST: init_isba_mixpar.F90 (C. Delire).
  • revision 852 : a problem with FA compaction was coming from a typo in a routine from the XRD38 library, because modifications where done not to use the OML_LIB part of the XRD38: mxmn_mf.F90
  • revision 874 : during the vertical interpolation of input ground data on the soil depths of the user, with CISBA=DIF in PREP step, there was a confusion concerning the use of the root fraction as a limit to delimit the root depth: prep_hor_isba_field.F90, prep_hor_teb_garden_field.F90 (B. Vincendon).