Current bugs: 7_2_0

  • revision 419: clearer messages printed at screen for user at compilation: conf/profil_surfex.ihm, src/configure
  • revision 420: add of the name of the seeked record in the error message of abor1_f90: ol_find_file_read.F90
  • revision 421: correction on the definition of the date for FA format: offline.F90
  • revision 422: so that 1D binary forcing files can be read in the framework of a 1D experiment (like in ASCII): open_close_bin_asc_forc.F90, read_surf_atm.F90.
  • revision 424: if a PREP file in defined for TEB, but uniform values are defined in the namelist, the fields not defined in namelist (T_CAN,Q_CAN) are deduced from uniform values and not from the PREP input file: default_prep_teb.F90,prep_teb_unif.F90,read_prep_teb_conf.F90, mode_read_grib.F90.
  • revision 425 & revision 455 & revision 457: errors in intent of arguments: init_dst.F90, init_slt.F90
  • revision 456: files beginning by assim_... are moved in OFFLIN directory.
  • revision 468: declaration of ZHOOK_HANDLE forgotten in OPTIMSOILGRID: soilgrid.F90.
  • revision 499 : by default, SURFEX was compiled in DEBUG mode so no optimizations were performed (-O0 compilation option). So runs were slower. The default mode for compilation on a cnrm PC linux is set to O2 (-O2 compilation option). To take it into account, the whole installation has to be redone.
  • revision 500 : error in water balance for DIF (LETR forgotten in FRC calculation): hydro_soildif.F90.
  • revision 512 : correction inversion between VTANG1 and VTANG2 : modd_snow_metamo.F90
  • revision 514 : correction for CO84 regressions for WWILT, WFC et W33: mode_soil.F90
  • revision 515 : problem with an infinite loop in GAUSS case: read_direct.F90, read_direct_gauss.F90
  • revision 541 : numerous corrections of bugs by B. Decharme. Detail of the modifications here:
(B. Decharme)
  • revision 564 : with large time step, snow melt with D95 causes instability on the TG1. This is solved by a XTAU_SMELT in namelist NAM_SURF_CSTS and with the use of max(XTAU_SMELT,XTSTEP) in isba_fluxes instead of XTAU_SMELT directly (E. Brun & B. Decharme). Impacted files are : modd_snow_par.F90, ini_surf_csts.F90, isba_fluxes.F90.
  • revision 597 :
    • mode_snow3l.F90: optimization of do-loops (A. Boone)
    • snow3L_isba.F90: check suspicious low temperature for ES and CROCUS
    • snow3l.F90: correction of a problem with the discretization of snow layers for intense snow precipitation (E. Brun)
    • snow3l.F90, e_budget.F90, isba.F90, isba_fluxes.F90, snowcro.F90: problem with the wind implicitation and the calculation of USTAR (B. Decharme).
  • revision 600 (P. Le Moigne):
    • modd_flaken.F90, modd_diag_misc_flaken.F90: errors in GOTO routines
    • start_lake_of.F90, modd_data_lake.F90: in case there’s a lake but no climatic data associated then fill with neighbour existing data instead of aborting.
    • put_zsn.F90: calculation of masks for tiles if not ever done.
  • revisions 662 & 663 (B. Decharme): errors relative to soil ice: isba_fluxes.F90, hydro_soil.F90.