4.3.1. Namelist NAM_ZS

This namelist defines the orography file and orographic treatment to be done.

Fortran name Fortran type values default value
XUNIF_ZS real none
YZS character (LEN=28) ' ' (default orography is 0.)
COROGTYPE character (LEN=3) 'AVG', 'ENV', 'SIL ', 'MAX' 'ENV'
XENV real 0.
LIMP_ZS logical F
YSLOPE character(28) ''
YSLOPEFILETYPE character(6) '', 'NETCDF' ''

  • XUNIF_ZS : uniform value of orography imposed on all points (real,meters). If XUNIF_ZS is set, file YZS is not used.
  • YZS: data file name. If XUNIF_ZS is set, file YZS is not used. If neither XUNIF_ZS and YZS is set, then orography is set to zero.
  • YZSFILETYPE: type of data file ('DIRECT', 'BINLLF', 'BINLLV', 'ASCLLV')
  • COROGTYPE: type of orography (string of 3 characters):
    • 'AVG': mean orography


    • 'ENV': envelope relief, defined from mean orography and the subgrid orography standard deviation as


    • 'SIL': silhouette relief, defined as the mean of the two subgrid silhouettes in directions x and y (if two main directions can be defined for the grid chosen).
    • 'MAX': maximum orography over grid box (avoid averaging in case of sea/land grid box).
  • XENV: enhance factor in envelope orography definition (real).
  • LIMP_ZS: reads orography from an existing PGD file
  • YSLOPE : file name for slope
  • YSLOPEFILETYPE: data file type for slope
  • LEXPLICIT_SLOPE: Slope is computed from explicit ZS field and not subgrid orography

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