UERRA restitution - Monday 18th December 2017


This seminar was devoted to UERRA project. An overview of the work done during the project and the main results were presented to MF interested people. More informations on UERRA project can be found at the following address: http://www.uerra.eu.


1. Les reanalyses sur l’Europe: UERRA puis Copernicus. E. Bazile
2. MESCAN-SURFEX data stored into MARS archive. R. Abida
3. Hydrological features of the SURFEX-CTRIP model driven by the MESCAN surface reanalysis. P. Le Moigne
4. Comparaison sur la France des donnees de la reanalyse MESCAN-SURFEX par rapport aux outils operationnels de suivi climatique. F. Besson

UERRA forcing files for SURFEX stored on Hendrix machine at MF

All forcing data have been stored in ECMWF MARS archiving system and are available in GRIB2 format. Each user having access to MARS system can retrieve hourly data for its own use.

During the project lifetime, netcdf forcing files have been build for SURFEX applications and their access from the Hendrix MF storage machine is described below.

Each forcing file covers a period of 4 months. There are 2 kinds of forcing (YYYY varies from 1961 to 2015):

1. Those issued from the ALADIN 3D-Var downscaling (all forcing required by SURFEX):

2. Those from the analysis of precipitation, air temperature and humidity by MESCAN:
(these files can be used to replace those of the downscaling (be careful that names differ)).