6.1.5. Namelist NAM_REPROD_OPER

Fortran name Fortran type values default value
XEVERG_RSMIN real 175./250. 175.
XEVERG_VEG real 1./0.99 1.
CDGAVG character(3) 'INV'/'ARI' 'INV'
CDGDIF character(4) 'ROOT' /'SOIL' 'ROOT'
CIMPLICIT_WIND character(3) 'OLD'/'NEW'
CQSAT character(3) 'NEW'/'OLD' 'NEW'
CCHARNOCK character(3) 'NEW'/'OLD' 'NEW'

  • LREPROD_OPER : flag to activate reproductibility for SURFEX OPER. Allow to put old value/flag for some variables in order to ensure reproducibility. Default values for following entries depend on LREPROD_OPER (F/T).
  • XEVERG_RSMIN : Rsmin for tropical forest
  • XEVERG_VEG : Veg fraction for tropical forest
  • CDGAVG :
    • "INV" : compute harmonic average for Soil depth (recommended)
    • "ARI" : old computation of Soil depth using arithmetic average
  • CDGDIF :
    • "ROOT" : d2 root depth as Soil depth reference for ISBA-DF (recommended)
    • "SOIL" : d3 soil depth as Soil depth reference for ISBA-DF
  • CIMPLICIT_WIND : wind implicitation
    • OLD: direct
    • NEW: Tayler serie, order 1
  • CQSAT :
    • "NEW" : qsat computation accounting for phase change. If temperature is <0.°C compute it using ice properties instead of using water properties. (recommended)
    • "OLD" : qsat computation only accounting for water properties.
    • "NEW" : charnock number vary between 0.011 et 0.018 according to Chris Fairalls data as in coare3.0 (recommended)
    • "OLD" : charnock number = XVCHRNK