Current bugs

  • revision 4: initialization of LTREEDRAG at FALSE was missing: modd_treedrag.F90
  • revision 5: Beljaars coefficient for the calculation of SSO_DRAG may be put in namelist, so value in the code was removed:
    • sso_beljaars04.F90
  • revision 6: slight corrections to compile with new version of gmkpack :
    • sxpost.F90
    • zoom_pgd_cover.F90
  • revision 7: in the case of ISBA and TEB parameters prescribed, when using a PREP file from a previous version of Surfex, there was a problem of ascendant compatibility involving files:
    • read_pgd_isba_parn.F90
    • read_pgd_teb_gardenn.F90
    • read_pgd_teb_parn.F90
    • read_surf_isba_parn.F90 (new file)
      The problem comes from the possibility to use both ECOCLIMAP and prescribed physiographic parameters added in Surfex v7: prescribed parameters are now written by vegtype and for every decade, whereas before there were written by patch and for NTIME time dates. Moreover, some parameters were introduced from Surfex v7.
      More generally for the ascendant compatibility in TEB, corrections were done in:
    • read_teb_canopyn.F90
    • subscale_z0eff_1d.F90
  • revision 13 (from branch bugs_valery revision 12) : mode_read_extern.F90, bug of initialization of the water reservoir of garden when using an initial file with garden activated.
  • revision 15: diag_isba_initn.F90, allocation of XIACAN must be done as soon as CPHOTO/=NON, to be consistent with unpack_diag_isban.F90.
  • revision 16: transpiration fix for ISBA for dry conditions, files modified are:
    • modd_isba_par.F90, init_isba_sbl.F90, cotwores.F90, cotworestress.F90, veg.F90: RSMAX is put in a module
    • soilstress.F90: définition of the water stress coefficient for Hv (F5)
    • isba.F90: passage of F5 in argument of 3 routines soilstress.F90, drag.F90, isba_fluxes.F90
    • drag.F90: new calculation of Hv including RSMAX and F5
    • isba_fluxes.F90: new calculation of LETR including RSMAX and F5
Transpiration fix for ISBA for dry conditions
  • revision 17 (from branch mesonh_bug revision 10): a coefficient for the calculation of sub scale orography drag in case of Beljaars parameterization is added in namelist NAM_SSO, and initialized at 2. (COEFBE). The files impacted are:
    • modd_surf_atm_sson.F90, modn_sson.F90: definition of COEFBE
    • default_sso.F90, read_namelists_surfn.F90, init_surf_atmn.F90: set of default value 2. for COEFBE.
    • sso_beljaars04.F90: inclusion of COEFBE factor in the calculation of sso drag.
  • revision 22 (from branch smorin_bug revision 19): maximum number of snow layers allowed to 50 (was 20): modd_prep_snow.F90
  • revision 23 (from branch smorin_bug revision 20): snowcro.F90
    • update snow albedo coefficients for CROCUS (for consistency with Vionnet et al., GMDD 2011)
    • test albedo weighting based on SWE 5mm
  • revision 24 (from branch bugs_valery revision 21):
    bugs for some TEB diagnostics when several models are used : modd_diag_misc_tebn.F90
  • revision 25 : index error in NTIME calculation: writesurf_pgd_isba_parn.F90
  • revision 44 : error of index in calculation of XIACAN : unpack_diag_patchn.F90
  • revision 96 (from branch mesonh_bug revisions 39,40,41) :
    to guarantee ascendant compatibility in zoom_pgd_.. part.
    Files impacted are zoom_pgd_isba.F90, zoom_pgd_surf_atm.F90, zoom_pgd_cover.F90.
  • revision 97 (initially from branch mesonh_bug revision 42) :
    to be able to write 2M fields in parallelized mode of Surfex, the function SUM_ON_ALL_PROCS is added in a test: write_diag_seb_surf_atmn.F90
  • revision 47 (from branch bertrand_dev) : to avoid division by zero: hydro_glacier.F90
  • revision 48 : default value for NYEAR and NMONTH must be NUNDEF and not XUNDEF: read_teb_date.F90, read_watflux_date.F90, read_flake_date.F90, read_isba_date.F90, read_seaflux_date.F90
  • revisions 50 and 108 : FLOOD parameters must not be computed in case of PREP computation of TSRAD. Files impacted are :
    • averaged_albedo_emis_isba.F90: LFLOOD given in argument
    • prep_isba.F90: .FALSE. given in argument for LFLOOD
    • update_rad_isban.F90, update_esm_isban.F90, compute_isba_parameters.F90, coupling_isban.F90: LFLOOD given in argument
  • revision 52 : in case of an ASCLLV file for WG and TG in NAM_PREP_ISBA, WGI is initialized at 0., because only the option XUNIF is possible for WGI: read_prep_teb_garden_conf.F90.
  • revision 54 : writes FRAC_GARDEN in DIAG: write_diag_pgd_grdnn.F90.
  • revision 56 : allocations of arrays forgotten: prep_ocean_unif.F90.
  • revision 58 : problem when nb of layers in extern file grower than current one : prep_snow_extern.F90.
  • revision 96 : ascendant compatibility for Meso-NH: zoom_pgd_isba.F90, zoom_pgd_surf_atm.F90, zoom_pgd_cover.F90.
  • revision 97 : Use of SUM_ON_ALL_PROCS for parallelization : write_diag_seb_surf_atmn.F90.
  • revision 106 : there was a problem in the position of the call of flag_teb_garden_n(1). Files impacted are teb_garden.F90 and garden.F90.
  • revision 107 : the test on values of vegtypes given in namelist was not relevant in the case of interpolations needed: pgd_isba_par.F90.
  • revision 136 : one argument forgotten in call to latlon_grid : pgd_surf_atm.F90
  • revision 140 : case reduced_gg was missing for CGRID: prep_grib_grid.F90
  • revision 165 : when reading of auxiliary file is intercalated with reading of PGD or PREP file, problems occur with the buffer (read_prep_file_date.F90) and with the mask for GARDEN (prep_teb_garden_extern.F90).
  • revision 166 : the computation of SST values according to the time in the run was wrong : sst_update.F90.
  • revision 167 : a line for DR_HOOK was forgotten: put_in_time.F90.