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team presentation

Team presentation

Head  : Laure RAYNAUD

Equipe RECYF   (CNRM  /GMAP  )
Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques
42 avenue Gustave Coriolis
31057 Toulouse Cedex
tél : 05 61 07 96 48
e-mail : webrecyf(AT)cnrm

RECYF   is a GMAP team at CNRM  . Its research topics concern the predictability of meteorological phenomena. The aim is to understand the sources of forecast errors and to develop tools such as ensemble forecasting, to help quantify the uncertainty of the forecast, or observation targeting, to optimize the assimilation of observations. We are particularly interested in the predictability of storms, which is the team’s historical subject, and in extreme weather events with high societal stakes.

RECYF   participates in the numerical forecasting research and development effort at Météo-France, on the ensemble forecasting systems PEARP  , a global system based on the ARPEGE model, and PEARO  , a regional kilometre-scale system based on the AROME   model. The team also contributes to the development of the AEARO ensemble assimilation, which is used to compute the initial states of the PEARO  . Downstream of its numerical prediction systems, we conduct research in statistics (artificial intelligence) to improve forecasts and facilitate their use. This work is carried out in collaboration with the operational services of Météo-France and with actors in weather-sensitive fields (energy, agriculture, transport, etc.) within the framework of projects or theses.

The team offers internship subjects, theses, and posts for engineers or researchers on fixed-term contracts.

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