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TReC 2003

The TReC  /TOST  -2003 is the re-start of fields-campaigns with adaptive observation in Europe, 7 years after FASTEX  .

The TReC   2003 was held from September to December 2003.
The objectives were different from FASTEX   : to test the feasibility of an adaptive network involving joint research aircraft (DLR  ’s Falcon and NSF  ’s GIV  ) and routine observing platforms that were used in adaptive mode. Thus, the radiosonde stations (onshore and offshore) have been deployed at times when these did not sample the atmosphere in their routine operations. Similarly, more observations collected by commercial aircraft (commercial fleet) have been transmitted beyond the routine rate, thus increasing the density of such observations in an area determined in advance, but changing each day.

Météo France has participated in monitoring the weather situations, in proposing targeting case and computing sensitive areas with total energy singular vectors techniques (DPREVI/COMPAS).

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