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Daily PV inversion

This section aims at showing some aspects of the interaction of the main PV   pattern at 00UTC every day over the Atlantic ocean and western Europe with its environment.

PV   is split in terms of synoptic scale (high-frequency) PV   and PV   related to the weather regimes (low-frequency) by spatial digital filtering. Then, the largest synoptic pattern is isolated suing a 2D gaussian function. Finally, the part of the flow (wind, temperature, vertical velocity) associated to the structure is computed by Ertel PV   inversion under geostrophic balance.

PV   at 300 hPa Potential temperature and vorticity at 900 hPa
largest PV   coherent structure at 300 hPa+ wind without the wind attributable to the PV   pattern wind associated to the coherent structure and potential temperature at 600 hPa vorticity at 900 hPa and vertical velocity associated to the coherent structure

We also present vertical north-south and west-east cross-sections of the inverted flow throughout the coherent structure.

west-east south-north
PV   coherent feature
theta anomaly
wind anomaly perp. to the section
vertical velocity