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Accessing CMIP5 data

Monday 16 May 2011 by senesi

( CNRM-CM5 runs for CMIP5 are described elsewhere )

You can access CNRM-CM5 CMIP5 data using one of the ESG data portals which list shows on CMIP5 data accessibility page. A beginner’s guide is available, and support is provided at this adress

You can also access CNRM-CM5 data directly on the CNRM datanode. At the time of writing, this latter method ensures that all CNRM-CM5 published data can be accessed. It is however less user-friendly. Issues with this system should be directed to

We devised a set of bash functions to query and download ESG CMIP5 data. Just source this file in your bash shell and follow the directions which will be displayed

Additionaly, for those reading french, this presentation provides a very short overwiew of CMIP5, describes CMIP5 experiments run by CNRM,and provides some hints on accessing data on the ESG, at the date of the talk. This other presentation addresses only practical aspects of CMIP5 data access, from a february 2012 talk

titre documents joints

Talk on practical aspects of CMIP5 data access

3 February 2012
info document : PDF
1.2 Mb

Talk given on feb, 3, 2012

Source of bash functions for querying ESG

2 February 2012
info document : Binary Data
15.3 kb

Talk : access to CMIP5 data

16 May 2011
info document : PDF
2.4 Mb

Slides of a talk given at CNRM on May, 16, 2011

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