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Thursday 14 April 2011 by senesi

The status of data publication as of february, 8th, 2012 is : all data is published (including data of interest for CORDEX), except for the Last Glacial Maximum experiment. The ESG gateways are not able to show all data in their search interface, but you can access all of it directly on our datanode

CNRM-CM5 runs for CMIP5 are shared between CNRM and CERFACS; CNRM deals with all experiments but the decadal ones; please refer to for decadal runs

Also : detailed information on the status of data publication for all models can be found on the relevant CMIP5 page

Note : experiment names below are CMIP5 ones; please refer to the CMIP5 design document for details


The 850-year run is published

Note on ensembles

Ensembles are formed by choosing initial states at various years in piControl simulation, separated by at least 50 years (see details further below ). CMIP5 rules are strictly respected regarding members numbering consistency between different experiments (e.g RCP85 #2 starts from historical #2, and historical #4 starts with same initial state as historicalGHG #4)).

Recent past family

  • historical and historicalExt ensembles have 10 members (# 1 to 10)
  • historicalNat ensemble has 6 members (# 1,2,3,4,5,8).
  • historicalGHG ensemble has 6 members (# 1,2,3,4,5,8).
  • historicalMisc ensemble has 10 members (# 1 to 10) ; they were run using all anthropogenic forcings.


  • RCP8.5 is an ensemble of 5 members (#1, 2, 4, 6 and 10). Member 1 has an extension to 2300, is recommended for Cordex BC, and includes 6hLev data for 21st century.
  • RCP4.5 includes a single member, and was run up to 2300. It includes 6hLev data for the 21st century.
  • RCP2.6 includes a single member.
  • extension of RCPs for RCP8.5 and RCP4.5 from 2100 to 2300 were run.

Paleo climate

  • midHolocene : this run starts at the fake year 1950
  • lgm : the run is in the spin-up phase; it is the only one not published


  • amip, amip4xC02, amip4K, amipFuture
  • aquaControl, aqua4K and aqua4xCO2


  1. All runs start on january, 1st.
  2. Within each ensemble, members branch time are separated by at least 50 years.
  3. Branch year varies monotonically with member number, except for members 1 and 8, as indicated below : member 1 branches from year 400, and member 8 from year 0 (i.e 1850-01-01).
  4. For RCP runs, the branch year should be understood as "branch year in piControl of the historical run, from which this RCP run does branch (in year 2006)"
member 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
branch year in piControl 400 100 150 200 250 300 350 __0 450 500
year of start in piControl 2250 1950 2000 2050 2100 2150 2200 1850 2300 2350
historical x x x x x x x x x x
historicalNat x x x x x x
historicalGHG x x x x x x
historicalMisc x x x x x x x x x x
RCP26 x
RCP45 x
RCP85 x x x x x

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