CNRM contribution to CMIP5

CNRM-CM5 soil layers scheme

Wednesday 13 April 2011 by senesi

The Surfex surface scheme of CNRM-CM5 is a force-restore scheme which includes three soil layers. The first layer is 1 cm deep. The two other layers have a depth which is varying in space, depending on the mixture of vegetation types.

Soil depth for layer 2 (i.e. root depth); enlarge by clicking
Base depth show in meters
Soil depth for layer 3; enlarge by clicking
Base depth show in meters

For CMIP5, moisture content of soil layers (mrlsl) has been interpolated to a set of 8 uniform depth soil layers, with bases at 0.01,0.2,0.5,1,1.5,2.,3.,8. meters. This leads to missing values at some locations for the deep layers.

Regarding temperatures in layers (tsl) values provided are not strictly representative of uniform-depth soil layers. Better interpret valus for layer 2 and 3 as relaxation values for the diurnal and annual waves, value for layer 4 being a general relaxation value.

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