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    The AMMA (African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis) project was organized in recent years with the main goal of obtaining a better understanding of the intra-seasonal and interannual variability of the west-African monsoon (WAM). Land-atmosphere coupling is theorized to be significant in this region, therefore a high priority goal of AMMA is therefore to better understand and model the influence of the spatio-temporal variability of surface processes on the atmospheric circulation patterns and the regional water cycle.

    ALMIP Phase 2 deals with the local to meso scales. Land surface, vegetation and hydrological models will participate and be evaluated and inter-compared in order to identify key processes which are not well modelled over this region, and to offer guidelines for future model development for all 3 classes of models. Participants are to perform the simulations in 2012.

Please contact us if you would like to participate by either contributing simulations or participating in model output analysis.

ALMIP2 is a Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX) Global Land Atmosphere System Study (GLASS) Project.

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Projects with links to ALMIP

  • ALMIP (Phase 1: Regional Scale)
  • West African Monsoon Modeling and Evaluation WAMME
  • AMMA Model Intercomparison Project AMMA-MIP
  • ALMIP simulations coupled to the Community Microwave Emission Model (CMEM) ALMIP-MEM
  • Land Information System (LIS)at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Special Thanks to:

  • POSTEL Service Centre at MEDIAS-France for customizing and providing the LSA SAF products.
  • The LAND-SAF project for providing us with the radiative flux products
  • The European Centre for Medium Range Weather prediction (ECMWF) for atmospheric data and assistance
  • Many more yet to be awknowledged!