Colette Marchadier



Management of Multidisciplinary Research Projects

Management of Industrial Worldwide Projects

Program Management Training Courses

Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques - Groupe d’Etude de l’Atmosphère Météorologique
42, Avenue Coriolis – 31 057 Toulouse cedex 01 - France


Management of research projects on urban climate and climate change.

Within the urban climate team at French Meteorological Researcher Center, I am in charge of coordinating 4 major projects : VURCA (ANR), CLIM2, MUSCADE (ANR), ACCLIMAT(RTRA STAE).

These projects are related to city adaptation to climate change, and studies are about : city vulnerability to heat waves, air conditioning impact on urban climate, energy consumption and production within the cities, and decision support tools based on numerical models. Multidisciplinary teams are involved, as economists, urban planners, architects, geographers, …

Closely working with senior scientists, I set projects organization : project team, roles and responsibilities, communication rules and tools, quality standards, detailed schedule, main deliverables, keys milestones, … Once projects are started, we then drive and monitor these projects to ensure all participants keep focusing on the defined objectives. I have set a WEB site as a communication tool for the project team and for scientific community (

Up to 6 research projects are linked to each other at some point (same team, same numerical model, …) and need to be closely coordinate to optimize workload. Control charts have been created for each project and for the project portfolio.

Coordination of submissions to national calls for projects

Following a call for projects, or specific demand from customer, we evaluate the opportunity for a new project, and then define this project : scope, goal, constraints, major milestones, work break down structure, team, budget, deliverables, risks, … All these items need to be discussed and agreed by all participants to the project. An accurate and exhaustive document is then provided for the submission or acceptance by the customer. My role is to provide project management methodology to ensure high quality level in this definition phase.

In 2008-2009, I have been involved into 4 major calls for projects.

Program management training courses

For 3 years, I provide program management training courses. Dedicated to senior people who need to increase their skills with program management, I teach theoretical basis, practical study cases, and introduction to planning software (Microsoft Project).


· February 2008 - November 2013 : Program manager at CNRM – Météo France

· 1 year in regional administration (Conseil Régional de Midi Pyrénées) involved in ISO 14001 environment certification, and AGENDA 21 deployment.

· 15 years in semiconductor company (MOTOROLA, FREESCALE), first as electronic engineer for automotive and consumer market, and then program manager for worldwide projects on mobile phone power amplifier modules.

· 3 years in a TV broadcast supplier company, as electronic engineer.


· PROGRAM MANAGEMENT : Definition, planning and execution of projects based on PMI methodology (Program Management Institute). Coordination of submissions to calls for research projects. Local and worldwide team building. Project cost, resources and schedule management. Expert practice of Microsoft Project planning tool, reliability analysis (FMEA) and problem solving methodology (8D). Risks analysis and mitigation plans. Communication plan definition, from project team to high level managers and customers. Definition of project control charts for high level reporting.

· SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT : Build research projects on sustainable development. Identification of steps from environment management to sustainable development in local institution. Proposal of internal organization to drive Agenda 21 at a regional scale. Knowledge of SD 21000 standard.

· ENVIRONMENT : Build an environment management system leading to ISO 14001 certification. Practice of internal environment audits.

· QUALITY : Definition of procedures to align quality and project processes. Knowledge of ISO 9001 standard and practice of quality audits.

· TRAINING : Provide training courses for project management and planning tools (Microsoft Project).

· ADAPTATION : Capable of realizing successful missions in industrial company within worldwide environment (US, Asia, Europe), regional political institution or scientific research world.

· TECHNICAL : Design and measurement of electronic systems. Development and qualification up to production ramp-up of high frequency integrated circuits. Technical support to worldwide customers. Technical and business documentation..


2007 - Quality, Security and Environment Management Master

CESI - Toulouse

1991 - Electronic and Electrotechnic Engineer
ESIEE - Marne la Vallée

1989 - Electronic, Electrotechnic and Automatism Master

Paul Sabatier university - Toulouse