ECMWF working day - Friday 19th January 2018


This working day was devoted to scientific exchanges between ECMWF and Meteo-France. For that purpose, Gianpaolo Balsamo visited CNRM to discuss surface and surface coupling issues in both ECMWF and CNRM models. For this occasion several talks were given and used as supports for discussions.


1. Overview of surface activities at ECMWF. G Balsamo
2. The TEB urban model at CNRM. V. Masson
3. ECOCLIMAP Seconde Generation new land cover map. S. Faroux
4. Presentation of the project "CO2 Human Emissions" (CHE). G. Balsamo
5. Recent upgrades of the vegetation ISBA model. P. Le Moigne
6. Data assimilation with the ISBA-A-gs module. JC Calvet
7. The ISBA-A-gs carbon module in the CNRM Earth System Model. C. Delire