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1). Changes in the namelist OPTIONS.nam

    • NHALO: the default value is now 0 and no longer 2 (0 means that the whole grid is used to interpolate).
    • CTIMESERIES_FILETYPE: XIOS is a new option for this key.
    • LALLOW_ADD_DIM: to be used only with XIOS. Allows to write TG, WG, WGI, SWD_ISBA/TEB/SEAFLUX/WATFLUX/FLAKE/SURF_ATM, SWU_ISBA/TEB/SEAFLUX/WATFLUX/FLAKE/SURF_ATM in 2D (number of points / number of ground layers for TG, WG, WGI; number of points / number of spectral bands for SWD and SWU).
    • LDELAYEDSTART_NC: to begin the simulation from the PREP date, picking the corresponding forcing time step in the NETCDF forcing file.
    • NDATESTOP: to end the simulation at this date (/year, month, day, hour/), also in case of a NETCDF forcing file.
    • LINTERP_SW: to interpolate the Short-Wave radiation with the new method. Default is false.
    • LSPLIT_PATCH: .TRUE. by default, setting .FALSE. it writes output fields 2D, with the dimension PATCH, like before.
    • LSNOWDIMNC: in case of OFFLIN output files, to write the output snow fields in 2D (number of points / number of snow layers).
    • LRESETCUMUL: in OFFLINE mode, for the ISBA scheme, replaces the instantaneous fields by the averaged cumulated fields on the output writing time step. Then the cumulated fields are cumulated during the writing time steps and reset at the end of each of them.
    • N2M: the only possible value now is 2, and no longer 1.
    • LPROSNOW: adds new diagnostic fields for the CROCUS snow scheme, reproject the snow mantel and other diagnostic fields on the vertical, according to the subgrid slope, and merges ISBA_PROGNOSTIC.OUT.nc and ISBA_DIAGNOSTICS.OUT.nc in ISBA_PROGNOSTIC.OUT.nc, in case of CTIMESERIES_FILETYPE = "OFFLIN".
    • LVOLUMETRIC_SNOWLIQ: converts the SNOWLIQ diagnostic field in kg / m3 (instead of m).
    • XUNIF_/CFNAM_/CFTYP_ALBNIR/ALBVIS_VEG/SOIL: in agreement with CALBEDO="CM13", these parameters are now defined for NTIME temporal values, so they have two dimension.
    • XUNIF_/CFNAM_/CFTYP_CONDSAT/MPOTSAT/BCOEF/WWILT/WFC/WSAT: added to force the values of these parameters (if given, they are not calculated with the fractions of sand and clay). Defined by soil layer but not by vegtype.
    • NB: for a value of NTIME given in NAM_DATA_ISBA, all NTIME temporal values must be given for temporally defined parameters in namelist.
    • CALBEDO is moved from NAM_ISBAn to NAM_ISBA.
    • It allows to extrapolate the CM13 data albedos if the vegtypes are given in the namelist NAM_DATA_ISBA, but not the albedos, if CALBEDO="CM13". Careful! Don’t forget to decide which albedo you want to use from the PGD step.
    • CROUGH is suppressed. Careful! If you used a value for CROUGH in NAM_ISBAn different from ’NONE’, you will not be able to reproduce your results in V81.
    • The new key LWRITE_EXTERN is added. If LWRITE_EXTERN=.TRUE., soil depths for ISBA and TEB are written in the current output PREP file.
    • Then, when this PREP file is read an an external file for another PREP, ISBA and TEB depths are directly read and don’t need to be re-calculated with the cover information, consequently the cover information doesn’t need to be read in the PGD file, what was very expensive in V8_0.
    • LDIAG_SEAICE is renamed LDIAG_MISC_SEAICE, for the consistency with what it allows to write if .TRUE., and with the other surface schemes.
  • NAM_OBS:
    • COBS_M: array containing the names of the fields for observations, in case of data assimilation. Default is (/"T2M ","HU2M","WG2 ","LAI ","SWE "/).

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