How to get the SURFEX code

  • The Open-SURFEX code package can be download here:
Version date download
V8_0 (updated r4406) 14/02/2017
GZ - 21.3 Mb
open_surfex_v8_0.tar.gz (r4406)
V8_1 (updated 83768eb2) 28/07/2020
GZ - 54.2 Mb
open_surfex_v8_1.tar.gz (83768eb2)
  • This Open-SURFEX will be updated at relatively low frequency (each 3 to 6 months).

If you need more frequent updates, or if you need what is not in Open-SURFEX (DrHOOK, FA/LFI formats, GAUSSIAN grid), we invite you to follow the procedure to get a GIT account and to access real-time modifications of the code.

  • To install SURFEX, please follow indications on this page.