1. implementation of prognostic SSA (Snow Specific Surface Area) in CROCUS
  2. implementation of the radiative transfert scheme TARTES
  3. new possibilities to initialize the snow covering (liquid water contents, height of snow)
  4. possibility to force the altitude and the slope from a NETCDF file, for example directly
  5. taking into account of the projected shadows in OFFLINE mode (modification of the incoming direct solar radiation)


  • point 4: to be seen if there is no redundancy with developments of PGD & PREP files in NETCDF format in branch NEW_PREP

These developments are ready, except for the point 5. that worked in version 7_2 and remains to be adapted for parallelization in version 7_3 (probably done at the end of November 2013). They are stored in branch lafaysse_dev_for_test, that is merged with branch trunk_for_test revision 1501.

They were:

  1. validated in 1D simulations (Col de Porte, Groënland, Antarctique) + with the base of automatic tests (STRATO)
  2. idem
  3. validated in the simulations of the chain Safran-Crocus-Mepra + simulations 2D in Lambert 2 + with STRATO
  4. idem
  5. validated in 7_2 in the 2D configuration on the Arve basin, parallel tests remain to be done in 7_3 + test with STRATO

New test cases will need to be included in STRATO for the new options in CROCUS.

This contribution will be included in V8 by M. Lafaysse.

As some parts of it concern initializations, there is a transverse aspect and it could be introduced in V8 just after CNRM_CM6_DEV, in third position.