1.3. Precisions about compilation from version 7_2

The compilation environment comprises 4 files:

  • configure: this file defines the options for the name of the compiler, the use of MPI or not, the type of MPI library to compile, the type of NETCDF library to compile, the level of optimization.
    These options are predefined for each architecture (given by the unix command uname -s -n). The user can change them by modifying the file configure, or by modifying only the option he wants to change.
    This configure file has to be launched one and only one time for each set of environment variables: it creates a file conf/profile-surfex-[compiler]-SFX-V[version]-[bugfix]-[name of the current mysrc]-[mpi is used or not, which library]-[level of optimization].
    This profile-surfex... file has to be launched each time a new terminal is used, only one time: it initializes the environment options functions of the architecture.
  • Rules.[compiler].mk: this file defines the compilation options for each compiler.
  • Makefile.SURFEX.mk: this file gives ways to the source files directories.
  • Makefile: this file defines what is compiled and how.