6.1.4. Namelist NAM_SSOn

The namelist NAM_SSOn concerns the roughness parameterization for orography.

Fortran name Fortran type values default value
CROUGH string of 4 characters 'Z01D', 'Z04D', 'NONE', 'BE04' BE04
XFRACZ0 real 2.
XCOEFBE real 2.

  • CROUGH: type of orographic roughness length. The following options are currently available:
    • "Z01D" : orographic roughness length does not depend on wind direction
    • "Z04D" : orographic roughness length depends on wind direction
    • "BE04" : Beljaars 2004 orographic drag
    • "NONE" : no orographic treatment
  • XFRACZ0 : Z0=Min(Z0, Href/XFRACZ0)
  • XCOEFBE : coefficient for Beljaars calculation of SSO drag.