Description of CNRM-CERFACS models and contributions to CMIP6

MIPs contributions and status :

 CNRM-CERFACS group contributes to a large number of MIPs (see more details on table) : Deck, ScenarioMIP, GeoMIP, DCPP (Cerfacs), OMIP, LS3MIP, GMMIP, HighResMIP (Cerfacs), AerChemMIP, C4MIP, CDRMIP, CFMIP, CORDEX, DAMIP, FAFMIP, GeoMIP, ISMIP6, LUMIP, PAMIP (Cerfacs), PMIP and RFMIP. Details about these CMIP6-Endorsed MIPs are given on WCRP’s page.

 The status of CNRM-CERFACS CMIP6 simulations realisation and publication on ESGF is available here.

Model configurations (ref) :

 CNRM-CERFACS contributes to CMIP6 with an AOGCM model (CNRM-CM6-1) and an ESM model (CNRM-ESM2-1). CNRM operates 3 coupled configurations : CNRM-CM6-1 (AOGCM standard resolution about 1° horizontal resolution), CNRM-ESM2-1 (same resolution as CNRM-CM6-1) and CNRM-CM6-1-HR (AOGCM high resolution - 0.25° in the ocean, 0.5° in the atmosphere). Within all these configurations, the atmosphere, the ocean, the soil and the snow components have respectively 91, 75, 14 and 12 vertical levels.

 CNRM-CM6-1, successor of CNRM-CM5 (Voldoire et al, 2013) and CNRM-ESM2-1, successor of CNRM-ESM1 (Séférian et al, 2016) were developed in association with CERFACS, and with the collaboration of IPSL and Mercator Océan.

 CNRM-ESM2-1 is based on the physical core of CNRM-CM6-1 model and includes representation of the global carbon cycle, atmospheric chemistry and aerosols.

Model components (ref) :

Both CNRM-CM6-1 and CNRM-ESM2-1 models consist of several existing models designed independently and coupled through the OASIS-MCT software developed at CERFACS ( Craig et al, 2017), they all use the on-line post-processing and formating library Xios, developped by IPSL. For further informations, please visit ES-DOC model description metadata and specific informations for CNRM-CERFACS models.

  Physical core (CNRM-CM6-1) :

  • NEMO for the ocean, developed by the NEMO consortium (CMCC, CNRS, INGV, Mercator-océan, Met-Office, NOC)
  • GELATO for sea-ice, developed at CNRM and embedded in NEMO for coupled simulations or in SURFEX v8.0 for SST prescribed simulations
  • ECUME v6 for oceanic surface fluxes via an iterative calculation based on experimental campaigns, developed at CNRM and embedded in SURFEX v8.0
  • OSAv1.0 for ocean surface albedo via an interactive scheme based on the spectral resolution of the various contributions of the surface for direct and diffuse solar radiation, developed at CNRM and embedded in SURFEX v8.0
  • ISBA-CTRIP for land surface processes and river routing to the ocean, developed at CNRM and embedded in SURFEX v8.0

  Biogeochemical core (CNRM-ESM2-1) :

  • PISCESv2-gas for marine biogeochemistry, developed by the NEMO consortium and embedded in NEMO

  Atmospheric chemistry and aerosols (CNRM-ESM2-1) :