GMGEC: Climate and large scale modelling group

Head of unit:

The Large Scale Meteorology and Climate Department (GMGEC, Toulouse) focuses on understanding scale interactions, interactions between the various components of the climate system, the response of the climate system to anthropogenic forcing, and sources of variability and long-term predictability. These activities are carried out in particular through the modelling of climate, atmospheric composition and air quality at global and regional scales, participation in model intercomparison exercises such as CMIP or CORDEX and their analysis, impact studies and the detection-attribution of observed climate change.

To discover the research studies and developments carried out at GMGEC, we invite you to visit the boxes of the GMGEC research group included in the set of boxes of the laboratory.


Main activities


Methods and Tools


Our teams

  • AMACS (Analyse et Modélisation de l’Atmosphère, du Climat et de sa Sensibilité)
  • COMETS (Chimie Observation ModElisation Troposphérique et Stratosphérique)
  • EST (Etude du Système Terre)
  • IOGA (Interactions Océan Glaces Atmosphère)
  • MOSCA (MOdélisation du Système Climatique régiOnal)
  • PASTEL (Prévisibilité Atmosphérique Saisonnière et TELéconnexions)
  • PLASMA (PoLlution Atmosphérique : Surface, Modélisation, Assimilation)