Calibration of free parameters controling cloud geometry and 3D cloud radiative effect in ecRad

Monte carlo 3D radiative transfer in LES 3D cumulus fields is used to evaluate and calibrate a state-of-the-art radiative transfer scheme, ecRad. The high-tune:explorer is used to calibrate free parameters involved in the representation of cloud geometry and their 3D radiative effects. The errors due to various approximations commonly made in radiative transfer schemes are untangled and quantified. Radiative estimates are more accurate using calibrated than observed 3D-cloud-geometry parameters

Article published on 3 December 2020
last modification on 27 August 2021

The paper Process-based climate model development harnessing machine learning: III. The Representation of Cumulus Geometry and their 3D Radiative Effects - Villefranque et al has just been published in JAMES

It focuses on the evaluation and calibration the radiative transfer scheme, ecRad using radiative references obtained with Monte-Carlo 3D radiative transfer in LES 3D cumulus fields.