First workshop ‘Coding Sprint’ September 5 to 7 2017 HIGH-TUNE and DEPHY-2 in LMD

A first meeting of various presentations around the tuning of models has been organised from 5 to 7 September 2017 within HIGH-TUNE at LMD (Paris).
The first day consists of presentations around the importance of tuning for climate models, the presentation of statistical tools that can be used for this tuning, the previous work on the comparison between single-column models and large-eddy simulations.
Afterwards, a coding sprint was organised in order to better understand the statistical tools developped by Daniel Williamson at the University of Exeter and start to apply them to the comparison of Single-Column models and Large-Eddy Simulations. For that, two case studies, one for the clear boundary layer and one for a fair-weather cumulus day.

Article published on 18 May 2018
last modification on 11 June 2018

reports :

  • HIGH-resolution simulations to improve and TUNE boundary-layer cloud parameterizations
    F. Couvreux
  • LES and Single-Column Models Positionning of the HIGH-TUNE project & expectation from the tuning tools
    F. Couvreux, F Hourdin, C Rio, R Roehrig, A Jam, V Masson, J Pergaud
  • Reduction of systematic errors in climate models : model improvement versus
    tuning of free parameters.
    F. Hourdin, C. Rio, I. Musat, F. Couvreux, D. Williamson and the LMDZ team.
    LMD/IPSL, CNRM, Exeter Univ
  • Statistical calibration of the CNRM atmospheric climate model
    Aurélien Ribes, Olivier Audouin, Romain Roehrig
    CNRM - Météo-France and CNRS
  • Ensembles, emulators and history matching; a tutorial
    Danny Williamson and Victoria Volodina
    University of Exeter
    With contributions from Adam Blaker, James Salter, John Scinocca and Slava Kharin