10.1.1. Inline (CANARI)

From cy38h1 and cy40t1 it is (should/could) possible to run the assimilation in SURFEX in an inline mode. The interface to assim_surf_atmn is called at the end of CANARI after first initializing SURFEX the same way as for a normal forecast using SURFEX.

The result of the CANARI analysis exists in memory, and are sent as arguments to the routine assim_surf_atmn. The number of sub-domains (blocks) used in SURFEX is depending on the number of CPUs used for CANARI. Inside the assimilation interface and below, no IO should be performed unless the IO is processor dependent and in that case the number of processors must be kept constant. If one or more of you selected schemes read files specified for a certain CPU, the number of CPUs used for CANARI must stay constant. This is now the case for EKF.

After the assimilation is performed the updated fields are written out through the normal SURFEX output routines also used for the forecast using SURFEX (WRSFX which in the end calls write_surf_atmn etc.).

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