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Meso-scale modelling group

Convective precipitation and impacts

42, Av. G. Coriolis

31057 Toulouse Cedex 1, France

Tél. +33 (0) 5 61 07 96 46

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email : olivier (dot) caumont (at) meteo (dot) fr


My main affiliation is now: Forecasting Operations Department, Météo-France, Toulouse, France.


Simulation/assimilation of observations for atmospheric forecasting of deep convection at fine scale:

Hydrometeorological integrated forecast systems for flash-flood prediction (Hally et al., 2015; Parodi et al., 2017).

 Short resume


  • 2021–: Deputy director, Météo-France Forecasting Operations;
  • 2018-2021: Research scientist (HDR, "rang A", i.e., equivalent to Professor), head of the Precip team, CNRM;
  • 2009-2017: Research scientist, head of the Micado team, CNRM;
  • 2005-2009: Research scientist, CNRM.


  • 2016: Habilitation (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, HDR)
    Use of remote-sensing data for the numerical prediction of deep convection at fine scale.
  • 2007: PhD in atmospheric sciences (advisors: Dr. Véronique Ducrocq and Dr. François Bouttier)
    Radar data simulation and assimilation for fine-scale forecasting of deep convection.

 Current projects

  PhD students

In progress

  • Alan Demortier (co-supervised with Mr. Vivien Pourret and Dr. Marc Mandement; since 2021): Use of connected weather sensor data for short-range numerical prediction of deep convection.
  • Vincent Forcadell (co-supervised with Dr. Clotilde Augros; since 2021): Hail diagnostic in near real time.
  • Pauline Combarnous (co-supervised with Dr. Maud Martet and Dr. Éric Defer; since 2020): Maturation of Meteosat Third Generation Lightning Imager (MTG LI) data assimilation for the numerical weather prediction of deep convection.
  • Alistair Bell (co-supervised with Dr. Pauline Martinet; since 2018): Improvement of fog forecasts over airport areas through the instrumental synergy between cloud radar and ground-based microwave radiometer: experimental study and numerical simulation.


  • Felix Erdmann (co-supervised with Dr. Éric Defer; 2020): Preparation for the use of MTG LI observations in short-term numerical weather prediction.
  • Marc Mandement (2020): Crowdsourced weather stations contribution in the study of deep convection at a fine scale.
  • Tony Le Bastard (contribution to the supervision with Drs. Fatima Karbou (dir.) and Nicolas Gaussiat; 2019): Use of volume radar data and a high-resolution numerical weather prediction model for improved quantitative precipitation estimations in plains and mountains.
  • Mary Borderies (co-supervised with Drs. Véronique Ducrocq (dir.); 2018): Assimilation of airborne cloud radar data during the HyMeX field campaign.
  • Clotilde Augros (co-supervised with Drs. Véronique Ducrocq (dir.), Pierre Tabary, Nicolas Gaussiat; 2016): Impact of the assimilation of polarimetric radar data in a fine-scale atmospheric model.


Peer-reviewed publications
International journals

  • Erdmann, F., O. Caumont, É. Defer, 2022: A geostationary lightning pseudo-observation generator utilizing low-frequency ground-based lightning observations. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 39(1), 3-30, DOI: 10.1175/jtech-d-20-0160.1.


  • Bell, A., P. Martinet, O. Caumont, B. Vié, J. Delanoë, J.-C. Dupont, M. Borderies, 2021: W-band radar observations for fog forecast improvement: an analysis of model and forward operator errors. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 14(7), 4929-4946, DOI: 10.5194/amt-14-4929-2021.
  • Caumont, O., M. Mandement, F. Bouttier, J. Eeckman, C. Lebeaupin Brossier, A. Lovat, O. Nuissier, O. Laurantin, 2021: The heavy precipitation event of 14–15 October 2018 in the Aude catchment: a meteorological study based on operational numerical weather prediction systems and standard and personal observations. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 21, 1135–1157, DOI: 10.5194/nhess-21-1135-2021.
  • Flamant, C., P. Chazette, O. Caumont, P. Di Girolamo, A. Behrendt, M. Sicard, J. Totems, D. Lange, N. Fourrié, P. Brousseau, C. Augros, A. Baron, M. Cacciani, A. Comerón, B. De Rosa, V. Ducrocq, P. Genau, L. Labatut, C. Muñoz-Porcar, A. Rodríguez-Gómez, D. Summa, R. Thundathil, V. Wulfmeyer, 2021: A network of water vapor Raman lidars for improving heavy precipitation forecasting in southern France: introducing the WaLiNeAs initiative. Bulletin of Atmospheric Science and Technology, 2, DOI: 10.1007/s42865-021-00037-6.
  • Fourrié, N., M. Nuret, P. Brousseau, O. Caumont, 2021: Data assimilation impact studies with the AROME-WMED reanalysis of the first special observation period of the Hydrological cycle in the Mediterranean Experiment. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 21, 463–480, DOI: 10.5194/nhess-21-463-2021.
  • Majumdar, S. J., J. Sun, B. Golding, P. Joe, J. Dudhia, O. Caumont, K. C. Gouda, P. Steinle, B. Vincendon, J. Wang, N. Yussouf, 2021: Multiscale forecasting of high-impact weather: Current status and future challenges. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 102, E635–E659, DOI: 10.1175/BAMS-D-20-0111.1.
  • Mandement, M., O. Caumont, 2021: A numerical study to investigate the roles of former Hurricane Leslie, orography and evaporative cooling in the 2018 Aude heavy-precipitation event. Weather and Climate Dynamics, 2, 795-818, DOI: 10.5194/wcd-2-795-2021.


  • Erdmann, F., E. Defer, O. Caumont, R. J. Blakeslee, S. Pédeboy, S. Coquillat, 2020: Concurrent satellite and ground-based lightning observations from the Optical Lightning Imaging Sensor (ISS-LIS), the low-frequency network Meteorage and the SAETTA Lightning Mapping Array (LMA) in the northwestern Mediterranean region. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 13(2), 853-875, DOI: 10.5194/amt-13-853-2020.
  • Mandement, M., O. Caumont, 2020: Contribution of personal weather stations to the observation of deep convection features near the ground. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 20(1), 299-322, DOI: 10.5194/nhess-20-299-2020.


  • Borderies, M., O. Caumont, J. Delanoë, V. Ducrocq, N. Fourrié, 2019a: Assimilation of wind data from airborne Doppler cloud-profiling radar in a kilometre-scale NWP system. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 19(4), 821-835, DOI: 10.5194/nhess-19-821-2019.
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National journals

  • Besson, L., O. Caumont, J. Parent du Châtelet, 2013 : La réfractivité radar : vers une cartographie de l’humidité en très basse couche de l’atmosphère. La Météorologie, 8(83), 81–89, DOI: 10.4267/2042/52057. (in French)
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Other publications

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  • Caumont, O., 2007 : Simulation et assimilation de données radar pour la prévision de la convection profonde à fine échelle (Radar data simulation and assimilation for fine-scale forecasting of deep convection). Ph.D. thesis, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France, 252 p. (in French) (link here or there)

Reports / Books

  • Montmerle, T., É. Wattrelot, C. Faccani, O. Caumont, M. Jurašek, G. Haase, 2008: Regional scale assimilation of radar data at Météo-France. HIRLAM Tech. Rep., 68, 40–53, URL:
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